Introducing the FLUIDLINK® i400 Intelligent Laboratory Pump

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Powerful. Flexible. Intuitive.

Introducing the FLUIDLINK® i400 Intelligent Laboratory Pump - bringing unprecedented control over the most demanding fluid delivery processes. Experience the i400, acclaimed for it’s compact size, feature-rich and cleverly simplified user interface, and unmatched automation connectivity. Our industry-driven design and operator-focused engineering deliver the tools you need to convert your greatest process challenges into a seamless multidimensional workflow.


  • Intuitive Operation - large informative icon-driven touchscreen interface, delivers the ultimate in process visibility and ease-of-use.
  • Unlimited Scheduling - run multiple independent schedule-driven dispensing sequences, and trigger any series of linked sequences for infinite possibilities.
  • Unprecedented Accuracy - directly connecting any weight scale* enables the unbeatable accuracy of the i400’s Gravimetric Delivery functionality.
  • Extensive Range - deliver individual bolus dosing in units as low as 0.01 mL, and continuous flow rates from 0.001mL to 330.0 mL/min.
  • Speed Control - 000.01- 400.00 RPM (40,000:1) with accuracy of ±0.1% full-scale; the highest turn-down ratio in it’s class!
  • Compact Size - H 5.625” x W 4.864” x D 6.5” stackable footprint - conserves valuable work surface space.
  • Durability - NEMA 4 / IP66 rating for use in industrial spray-down wash-down environments.
  • Never Run Empty! - supply bottle change-out forecasting displays how long your supply source will last, based on your dispensing schedule, assuring your process won’t run dry during off-hours.
  • Industrial Automation - built-in support for EtherNet/IP (Industrial Protocol).
  • Investment Protection - user-upgradable operating software for the addition of future functionality.
FLUIDLINK® i400 Intelligent Laboratory Pump brochure
See how the FLUIDLINK® i400 and it’s many exclusive features can be configured to solve your research and manufacturing needs.
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*Weight scale must support MT-SICS Command Protocol and be equipped with an RS-232 communications interface.
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