Shift from Reactive to Predictive with Pharma 4.0

The recently released CPhI 2019 Annual Report has identified many global industry trends as authored by leading experts. In a provocative article on “Pharma 4.0,” Bikash Chatterjee of Pharmatech Associates highlights the profound transition from a manufacturing (and overall drug development) supply chain based on a reactive framework powered by automation and associated technologies to a predictive framework based upon analytics, thereby allowing firms to anticipate and proactively address potential issues and challenges.

There's no denying, IIoT and cloud connectivity have become a necessity for intelligent products. The biggest names in Life Sciences automation recognize this and are investing heavily (see "GE Advances Digital Leadership with Launch of $1.2 Billion Industrial IoT Software Company"). Lab Dynamics has launched its next generation of intelligent devices which add cloud connectivity to the FLUIDLINK product line, in addition to all common industrial protocols. Want to learn more? Ask us how our products can help propel your research and make complex lab automation so much simpler.

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