Biopharma + Industry 4.0 = "Pharma 4.0"

Industry 4.0 converges with Biopharma; ISPE creates "Pharma 4.0 SIG". Is your lab designed to adapt to this rapid evolution?

Digitization, an important component of Pharma 4.0 (aka "Industry 4.0"), will connect everything, creating new levels of transparency and speed for digitalized biologics R&D. As you've read before (IIC and OpenFog announce merger), mergers between formerly disparate lab automation platforms are creating many opportunities while bringing many difficult choices in product and platform purchases - which technology do you choose? Which path should your lab take? The path is so unclear that the ISPE has formed a special interest group ("Pharma 4.0 SIG") to help guide the way.

In March of 2019 GE Healthcare and Rockwell Automation announced their collaboration, citing their mutual drive towards a cohesive Pharma 4.0 offering.

At Lab Dynamics we've anticipated this convergence, and beginning in July 2019 our flagship FLUIDLINK® products will ship with build-in connectivity to support every automation platform, right out of the box!

No matter what automation platform you use now, or select in the future, our products can seamlessly integrate. So protect your investment and dispense with the difficult selection process - we've got you covered!

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