Cloud Mist Fog or Edge?

Cloud Mist Fog or Edge - how can industrial assets benefit from backend business intelligence?

Given the long lifespan of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) many automation professionals are faced with the challenge of marrying intelligent automation devices to outdated automation control systems. How can you bring the benefits of remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and advanced analytics down to the operator level - all while improving processes with machine learning? Traditional PLCs were never conceived to employ the higher-order layers of computing power needed for full-scale data analytics.

The October edition of AutomationWorld Magazine has an excellent article titled "It's Not Edge vs. Cloud - It's Both" (page 36) that accurately articulates the opportunities and challenges facing companies trying to benefit from everything Industry 4.0 has to offer.

The Engineers and Product Managers at Lab Dynamics are always looking ahead, to design future-proofing into our products, and protect our customers investment. In the near future our products will be shipping with built-in support for advanced network connectivity to backend analytics, enabling you to connect to the Cloud, Edge - or anything in between.

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